Shawleez.....the shawl you wear with ease

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About us

The Shawleez is a versatile fashion accessory that can be worn in 11 different ways.  For everyday wear to evening elegance, there is one for every occasion

Designed in the UAE for the UAE, the Shawleez is the perfect cover to accommodate the various temperatures that we are exposed to.   From cold shopping malls, aeroplane flights, cinemas and restaurants to school runs, hospital visits or simply working behind your computer in the office.  To respect the dress code of the UAE, and to stay cool at the same time in an elegant and stylish way, the Shawleez was born

With ease and comfort the Shawleez stays in place no matter what movement or activity you're doing and you always look elegant.

Whether you bought your Shawleez while it was the hottest thing in fashion or you've recently acquired one, it is designed to be worn throughout the year and is available in a number of fabrics and colours

The best way to wear your Shawleez is with an attitude of Effortless chic.